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Demerol Steet Price & Precautions


What Do You Know About Demerol Drug?

Demerol is a brand drug name for its generic form Meperidine. It is a prescription medication that is preferably taken to treat moderate to severe pain conditions. The DEA has put Demerol as a Schedule II drug because of the potential of the drug that can cause abuse or addiction.

Meperidine, which is a generic form of Demerol, was introduced in the year 1939. Firstly, it was taken to block a particular type of nervous system activity that causes allergies or asthma. After that, the painkilling effect of the drug was more emphasized that was supposedly taken as an alternative for morphine.

What Is The Misconception About Demerol?

Many people think that if a drug is given along with a prescription, it will not be harmful to health. The medicines that are sold on the street are said to be dangerous because many sellers are dealing with fake quality products. You must not buy a Demerol without taking a prescription for its usage.

It is a myth that drugs purchased from a pharmacy will not be harmful. When you buy Demerol without a prescription or along with it, the side effects will be the same if you misuse them. There are more chances of a prescription pill to be abused by – overdose, mixing it with alcohol, or other drugs.

According to the CDC reports, the following cases took place in the year 2017 –

  • Approximately 15,000 people died due to the overdose of drugs that comes in relation to heroin.
  • Around 70,237 deaths occurred due to drug overdose. Among them, 47,600 deaths were involved in opioid prescription drugs.

Precautions For Demerol –


There are some precautionary measures that a person must follow to avoid the harmful effects of the drug. They are –

  • Do not take Demerol Tablets if you have severe asthma problems or other breathing issues.
  • Do not use Demerol if you have taken an MAO inhibitor recently or in the last 14 days. They can be like – linezolid, rasagiline, isocarboxazid, methylene blue injection, or others.
  • The use of Demerol can be habit-forming. Do not overdose or misuse the drug, or else it may cause drug addiction and other fatal health issues.
  • The tablets of Demerol are strictly not prescribed to pregnant women. The content of the drug will cause damage to the health of the mother and her baby, as well.
  • Do not consume alcohol while you are using Demerol. The effect of the drug will be increased if you take alcohol along with it.
  • Do not take Demerol if you suffer from the following health issues – a blockage in the intestine, head injury, tumor, mental illness, alcohol addiction, kidney or liver disease, a problem in the gallbladder, and other problems.
  • A person who has been using other drugs from before and is starting with the use of Demerol, it is necessary to inform your health expert about the drug. It will help you to avoid the side effects of the medication.

Street Price Of Demerol (Meperidine) On The Street

People with a severe addiction to Demerol often buy them by the bottle. A bottle of 100 pills will cost between $200 to $400, depending on the location and other factors. Other forms of Demerol include an ingestible syrup or an injectable form.

A single 50 ml dose of Demerol syrup will sell for approximately $5 on the black market. A dose of Demerol, no matter what form it’s in, will last for approximately three to four hours. People who misuse this drug may go through several doses a day to maintain their high.

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